Providing a helping hand.

Local resident Keith Hodgkinson was doing a good deed by participating in a charity ride to help raise money for kids.

Unfortunately for Keith he was involved in a near fatal accident and whilst he is now restricted to a wheel chair considers himself lucky to be alive.

Rotary is about doing good in the world so to help Keith was an easy decision for our club.

Club service director Mike Brown organised the project with the assistance of club members.

Kevin Hartley & Kevin McLaughlin laid the slab with a connecting pathway providing Keith with a level wheel chair friendly access to his new shed. We would like to acknowledge FM Glenn Constructions,HQ Concrete and Total Gardens for donating materials for the slab.

Mike Brown,Danny Whalan,Peter Richardson & Rob Avery took charge of erecting the shed. How hard could that be? Well a lot harder than it looked in the video after five hours we called in a favour from club member Peter Faircloth who kindly donated two of his apprentices to help out.

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