Rotary Inclusive Playground -Brelsford Park Coffs Harbour

Rotary had been approached by community groups and individuals to provide an accessible and inclusive playground equipment.

Accessible play equipment addresses the movement needs of those with disabilities; striving to remove obstacles and barriers that prevent people of all ages, abilities (both physical and mental) and cultural backgrounds from being invited to play. Inclusive play spaces provide access to a variety of play experiences where everyone can engage and play together.”

As a consequence the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour decided to address the needs of the community and Rotary has consulted with members of the CHCC Access committee, Staff, Councillors and equipment providers to come up with a solution.

An all access carousel similar to the one shown below will be installed along with a specially designed accessible sensory panel will be installed during July 2019 at a cost of $56,000 inclusive of in kind donations and Rotary volunteers time and labour.

Funding has been provided by the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour ,Rotary International , a Federal Government grant under the stronger communities programme which was facilitated by our federal member. The club has also received grant funds via the CHCC community capital infrastructure grants programme.

The Project was completed  August 2019.

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