Vocational Visit to Ozberries Packing plant

Operating from the site of the Bunnings south store, the Ozberries group caters for 150 Blueberry Farmers who form the co-operative that operates the plant.

Processing 60 tonnes of fruit per day using a combination of state of the art technology and excellent refrigeration facilities, the plant represents a sharp contrast from the 35 tonnes for the year process in the 90s.

Intregration with Driscolls, a fruit marketer the plant provides great product to various markets across Australia.

The  directors who gave the Rotary Members a tour of the plant as well as an informative presentation on the co-ops history indicated that farm gate receipt totalled around $95 million last year, equating to a $570m impact with the multiplier effect.

It was great to see what had been done to the place and to see how massive the refrigeration infrastructure (completed by Faircloth & Reynolds) enables fruit of the highest quality to be sold. 

Our thanks to the directors on hand who gave us an informative evening.

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